Tips for Buying Handbags

Tips for Buying Handbags will help you to make an educated purchase. Make your style choices intentional and take your personal style to the next level. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when making a handbag purchase…


Where are you going to use the bag? Do the style and the overall feel of the bag support its intended purpose of it? Is it elegant and professional?

Would it look business-as-usual if you were to carry this bag right out of this store wearing what you are wearing today? You want a bag that works well with your current style but is also versatile enough for an elevated style update.

  1. SIZE

What are you going to carry in it? Does it all fit in nicely? Even your water bottle? If you are in doubt, make a test: See if your current bag content fits in the one you desire.

See also if you could downgrade. Chances are you don’t need to carry all that stuff with you every single day. I am constantly guilty of carrying too much with me, so that was a mental note for myself too!


How do you want to carry your bag? On your arm, across your body, or on your back? Choosing the right strap is more important the heavier the bag’s contents are.

What’s the weight of the bag when it’s empty and when it’s full? Does it feel too heavy? Do the straps cut into your shoulders? Will it still feel comfortable after 30 minutes?


Does it need to be rain-proof or heavy-duty? Do you prefer leather, canvas, or synthetic? What are the care instructions? How much maintenance you are willing to put on your handbag?

  1. COLOR

Remember that your ideal bag doesn’t have to be black, brown or taupe. Use color to showcase your personal style!


Look carefully at the details of the bag. How lining, stitching, straps, finishing touches, hardware, and other details are made gives you a good impression of the overall quality of the bag.


Does the bag fit with your current coats, shoes, and work clothes? Do you need to buy new items because you want to buy this bag?

  1. BRAND

For many people, brands are not a priority, but I know that for many people they are very Important. A brand represents a lifestyle and a dream, and those aspects should be aligned with your values. Our brands are carefully chosen for quality, design, and functionality.


Whatever you are buying keep a realistic budget in mind. Expensive doesn’t always mean good quality. We carry our Jenn & Co Vegan Leather Products for those who are conscious of environmental issues and desire good quality, affordable products.

Bellissima Handbags has carefully chosen each brand based on our values of providing our customers with an Excellent Quality Product at Affordable Pricing. We stand behind your purchase with our Return Policy and Best in Service Guarantee. Our Customer Service Department is available 7 days a week.

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  • Victoria Addington

    I made the decision to do some research to support my sister, who has been preparing to purchase a new purse for herself. I appreciate you pointing out that paying close attention to the bag’s intricacies can help you form an accurate opinion of its overall quality. I’ll be sure to let her know about this and encourage her to look into stores that can assist her in finding the one she wants.

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